Vanessa Hafenbrädl

The concept of the projections is rooted in mythology and the history of water nymphs. The stories of nymphs differ from country to country and region to region, but are usually figures that act as scapegoats for the weaknesses of human beings, be it of a monetary or adultery (etc.) nature. More often than not, water nymphs are female and are seductresses that lure men into the depths of the rivers, lakes or oceans. However, there are also many male and hybrid (animal/human, male/female) figures that exist throughout mythology, including the icelandic Nykür which is a horse-like creature or the Necken in Central Germany. ‘Erlinde’ evolved out of an interest in creating creatures of a hybrid nature that project the fears and hopes of human beings with a contemporary relevance to current international politics, as well as a timeless projection of escapism. The audience will delve into a dreamlike underwater world, surrounded by mythical hybrid figures that beckon, call as well as accuse, only to realize that maybe some of the figures are real and seem strangely familiar.

Vanessa Hafendrädl is a video artist and video technician from Munich, Germany. Her projects test the limits of what can be done when working with video and animation, light and music. With her large video works in public spaces, she reaches multi-layered audiences, and by utilizing maximum aesthetics she expands upon audience perspectives. Her video mappings are performed worldwide, from New Zealand to Iceland.