Disco Dogs

Gary Halliwell
Christina Zwart
Ian Condry


Disco Dogs invites you to dance away the stress you may be feeling over the state of contemporary America. Our mobile disco unit will be roaming the streets of Illuminus 2017 providing emergency dance to all who need it. Look out for the Disco Dogs dancing above the crowds.

About the artists

Gary Halliwell
Gary is the co-creator of Mobile Protest Disco, a mobile dance party dedicated to lifting our spirits through music & dance in public spaces.  

Christina Zwart
Christina Zwart is an installation artist who works with organizations to convey their most critical message through the presence of creative design in the workplace & is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery. 

Ian Condry
Ian is an MIT professor & cultural anthropologist who specializes in media, popular culture, and globalization with a focus on contemporary Japan and the US. Ian is co-creator & brains behind Mobile Protest Disco.