A Conversation

Jessie Klein in collaboration with Brian Paulding

“A Conversation Between Two Artists” uses the template of a building in downtown Boston to create a painting while listening to a music composition by Brian Paulding. The work is projected in animation on the building facade. Brian Paulding composes an original score in response to the painting creating a conversation between music, art, and space.

Jessie Klein lives in Cambridge Massachusetts where she works as a multi-media artist/ designer.  She has a degree from Massachusetts College of Art and has spent the last 18 years traveling, experimenting with paint, multi-media installations, and finding design solutions through the intersection of art and life. Her work is represented by Boston Art. She has shown her work in Boston, Somerville, London, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Austin. She also owned and curated Object Center art gallery in the South End of Boston where she showed experimental work by emerging artists.  Her process comes from a place of instinct but bears much intention in composition, color, and gestural layering while remaining on the outskirts of any particular discipline.

Brian Paulding is a freelance trombone player, music educator, and composer living in Western Massachusetts.  He brings audible excitement and visible passion to stages from Istanbul to New York City in his band Kotoko Brass. Brian is also the brass instructor and ensemble director at award-winning youth development center, Zumix.  He also experiments with sonic explorations and he has created many albums under the title Dorcas Morton.