Announcement from the ILLUMINUS Team

ILLUMINUS is a Boston based free festival that was founded in 2014, with an inaugural event in the heart of the SoWa neighborhood of Boston. This nighttime celebration features large-scale light and projection installations, with immersive sound, multimedia and performing arts experiences, both curated and spontaneous.

ILLUMINUS is not tied to any singular location in Boston, but can inhabit any corner of the city, a forgotten underpass or a prominent landmarks, and transform that place into an entirely new experience - changing the way we see and interact with the spaces around us. In 2015 ILLUMINUS took over Lansdowne Street and the back of the Red Sox stadium and featured nearly 40 artists, performers and creatives’ work, attracting a crowd of over 30,000 spectators.  

ILLUMINUS transforms Boston’s streetscapes into a vibrant urban canvas for regional artists, designers, programmers and architects to engage and exhibit their most innovative and imaginative works. We see ILLUMINUS as a definitive demonstration of how community is built through interactions with arts and culture and how this in turn creates the foundation for a thriving and dynamic city.  

After two consecutive years of surpassing our own expectations, both in attendance and quality of work showcased, our team has decided to take additional time to plan the next ILLUMINUS, which will take place in the Fall of 2017.  Now with a full year of development ahead of us, we will be initiating several additional programs that will provide enhanced support to artists and the building of new concepts and processes, and enhance community outreach into Boston’s diverse neighborhoods.  As part of this larger strategy, the festival will be partnering with LuminArtz, a nonprofit with the mission to, “educate, inspire and connect diverse audiences through public art and celebrations.”  We will work together to leverage our collective resources and areas of expertise to significantly expand our capacity to create sustained impact.

We thank everyone for their continued support of ILLUMINUS and the arts in Boston. We will be posting updates about our upcoming activities and goals on the website, through social media and email newsletter.  We look forward to working with everyone in the coming year to create the next ILLUMINUS!