When the Sea Rises

Destiny Polk

“When the Sea Rises” inspired by the James Baldwin quote, “The moment we cease to hold each other, the moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out,” is a video performance artwork exploring the importance of keeping faith in one another. The film features the artist herself as well as other dancers moving within different spaces to confront our weaknesses, fears and shortcomings. It tells a story of not giving up on each other despite how hard and how heavy life can get.

Warrior and Healer. Tender and unbreakable. Social butterfly and lover of solitude. Destiny "Divine" Polk, whose name means "That which has been firmly established, God has answered, Dance", is a an afro-indigenous, choreographer and producer, multi-disciplinary artist, community organizer/space holder, and founder of art-activist platform Radical Black Girl.  Destiny is concerned about speaking truth to a country that attempts to rewrite its own history while having actively tried to suppress African and Native American history and culture. She is also deeply passionate about advocating for marginalized groups of people, especially low-income communities of color, womxn of color and young self identifying black girls. She is known for her interactive performances such as RESIST(D)ANCE and Black Woman Is God. Her previous short film called “Black Butterfly” can be found on 3arlyjuly.com.