The Other Side

Pamela Hersch

“The Other Side" is an animated, site-specific piece. The moving, visual language of the animation is inspired by the architecture of the atrium at 100 Federal Street. The content is intended to be experienced as an extension of the structure coming to life. The work aims to give viewers a reason to pause for a moment—whether they are spending time in the great atrium or just passing through—as they see something that exceeds the ordinary.

Pamela Hersch is a Boston-based visual artist, photographer,  and musician originally from Mexico City. She graduated from Berklee College of Music majoring in Electronic Production and Design and has also completed courses at MIT and MassArt. Pamela has collaborated with fellow musicians and dancers, creating visual content from photography and music videos to live show visuals, aiming to represent their distinct sounds and personalities. In her standalone projects she is compelled to capture moments of distinct singularity, understanding that while they are impossible to recreate in their entirety and original context, they are capable of being modified in simple ways to profound effect. In her projection mapping and video art work Pamela plays with properties like time, scale, texture, color, juxtaposition of raw footage with graphics, and the combination of organic and artificial elements.