Skin Of A House

Sam Okerstrom Lang

Skin of a House is a site specific projection mapped screening based off of the exterior. The artist approach was to observe and peek behind the curtain in order to extenuate a type of breathing and living that happens within the building. As a result this practice influences the behavior of the facade and how it would act as skin to the living organism of its architecture.



Sam Okerstrom-Lang or “Samo" is a Boston based media artist and designer focusing on 3D animation, video projection design, and live visual environments. Technology serves as a vehicle and tool in Samo’s practice in order to question the boundaries of digital communication, while in turn questions the boundary and function of the pixel. His work engages associations between technology, body, and perception by immersing the senses with experiences that obscure the line between nirvana and dystopia. He is 1/3 of Masary Studios, most recently is the Creative Director of TEDxCambridge, and a collaborator with 47 for their activations at SXSW.