Serpentine is an original site specific public artwork designed for the Atrium at 100 Federal in Downtown Boston, commissioned by Boston Properties. The sculpture consists of eight individual hanging elements, enveloped in projection mapped video art. The movement and color crossing all surfaces folds the individual elements together into a singular whole, creating a serpentine like form arcing through the large glass hall.

This installation is designed to be viewed from three specific vantage points, with the experience of the sculpture changing dramatically depending on the location it is viewed from. The speed of the content mirrors the speed at which one approaches the sculpture from these particular viewing angles. For those walking in from South Station the sculpture will appear to be a singular orb with swirling content, for those with longer dwell-time at the cafe seating the experience is of a slow moving hue shift that wraps the full length of the serpentine form, while those driving past by car will see a meteor shape with cascading content moving in the direction of the passing vehicles. Through these separate moments of circulation, the artwork becomes not just a static representation, but a dynamic expression of the way people move throughout their day.