Pamela Hersch

“Revision” is a site-specific projection mapping piece that aims to capture the audience by witnessing the slow changes of texture, color, and subtle juxtaposition of raw footage on Boston’s Old South building’s facade. This work is an invitation to stop for a moment, revise, and enjoy viewing how the addition of simple elements to a structure can change the very experience of being there. The piece completes a cycle that begins with the original state of the building, then adds texture, color, fire, water, and air, eventually returning to the beginning. Despite the piece being soundless, Pamela incorporates the element of music by setting the pace of “revision” to Schubert’s Impromptu, Op. 90 in G Flat Major.


Pamela Hersch is a Boston-based musician, photographer, and video artist originally from Mexico City. She graduated from Berklee College of Music majoring in Electronic Production and Design and has also completed courses at MIT and MassArt. Pamela has collaborated with fellow musicians and dancers, creating visual content from photography and music videos to live show visuals, aiming to represent their distinct sounds and personalities. In her standalone projects she is compelled to capture moments of distinct singularity, understanding that while they are impossible to recreate in their entirety and original context, they are capable of being modified in simple ways to profound effect. In her projection mapping and video art work Pamela plays with properties like time, scale, texture, color, juxtaposition of raw footage with graphics, and the combination of organic and artificial elements.