Live Interactive Mural Projection

ARTIST: Boston Arts Academy STEAM Lab

A project that allows audience members to engage in digital art creation through a dynamic and interactive mural. 

Your Big Face

Artist: New American Public Art  

Your Big Face' is an interactive projection installation. Using a live camera feed, participants' faces are projected onto the canvas of a 12' tall polygonal 3D face. The work raises questions about the digital representation of self, surveillance culture, modern attention spans, and the narcissistic and voyeuristic qualities of modern culture. It is also just really fun.

The Way You Move

Artist: Cindy Sherman Bishop

An interactive, immersive installation, The Way You Move re-contextualizes human form and motion through time as a paintbrush on canvas.



Part of Passing Through
Curated by Julia Primes Mata

 The music I create enables my body to speak the complexities of resistance, of protest, liberation, and of prayer. Each song is an incantation and a means of spatial activation, both internally and externally. Using the themes of contemporary pop music/culture in conjunction with more esoteric means, BLKBX subverts the politics that have defined who I am while simultaneously redefining myself and my role in society.

Through A Lense Darkyl

Artist: Matt Brand, Zintaglio Arts

We have captured some ghosts in a looking glass.  They dwell there invisibly, but we can coax them out with our new laser prod.  See them morph and materialize as the beam reveals what's hidden in the clear.



ARTIST: Devon Bryant

Devon Bryant and Peter Zebbler Berdovsky . Zebbler and Bryant have over 4 years professional experience designing and implementing video mapped sculptures and stage designs on a national scale through Zebbler Studios.


Kinetic Reflections


Kinetic Reflections engages visitors by providing an interactive space that provokes inquisitiveness through the interaction of light, sound, and location. The intent is to create a desire to explore and a fulfillment of that curiosity with a playful and interactive setup



ARTISTS: Callie Chapman

'Soaked' is a projection and dance performance installation. A live video feed is  sourced from an underwater IP camera and then projected into the pool as well as the white wall above the pool area.  Spectators will be watching through the windows from outside.


Incedental Words

ARTIST: Chris Jordan

Incidental­ Words is a mobile projection poetry performance, taking place in incidental public spaces. Throughout the night, the team will interject multi­medium, site specific, poetry performances into unexpected areas-- fusing live literature performance, high­stakes charm, live music, and accompanying site specific projections onto buildings and public landmarks.


ARTISTS: Chris Chronopolous

‘Triangulation’ is the result of a desire to map timbral properties to spatial relations. The piece consists of a self-contained triangular prism with 16 IR sensors, and 2 speakers which serve as the inputs and outputs of the piece. Distance from each IR sensor is calculated using high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) which feed into a RaspberryPi running PureData. The PureData patch interprets the sensor data as the amplitudes of a chorus of voices, which together form a sonic space that is neither major nor minor, but complex enough to markedly sculpt in the space between your hands.


Circus For Construction


ARTIST: Ann Lui, Ashley Mendelsohn, Larisa Ovalles, Craig Reschke, Ben Widger

The Circus for Construction is a traveling gallery and event space in search of the knowledge, crafts, and individuals outside of institutions’ traditional reach. Located on the back of a custom-built truck trailer, the Circus draws from a long history of itinerant and heterotopic spaces. The Circus learns from both 19th century traveling sideshows and contemporary food trucks, circumventing the baggage of its brick-and-mortar peers by hitting the road.


Clubhouse Comminui[T] Mapping Project"

ARTISTS: Jackie Gonzalez & the Flagship Computer Clubhouse at the Museum of Science, Boston

THE CLUBHOUSE COMMUNI[T] MAPPING PROJECT is a meaningful blend of art, technology, and community. Constructed by the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, a large-scale MBTA map crafted from EL wire, Circuit Stickers, LED bulbs, and other pieces will showcase monuments within our community, as well as individual memories. .


Light Beams Dance

ARTIST: François de Costerd

Light Beams is a series of abstract video art films originally based on footage of video slot machines and rush hour traffic. This most recent project is a visual study of Western civilization dealing with the allure and implications of the consumer society and capitalist culture. This project stems from a constant mixing and recycling of images from various sources and echoes the cycles of consumption at the heart of de Costerd’s conceptual focus: transportation, territory, the built environment, among others. 

Kung Fu Montañez

ARTIST: Michael Dewberry

Kung Fu Montañez is a multiscreen interactive video installation that allows participants to explore time and repetition in film. Inspired by famed video/destructivist artist Raphael Montanez Ortiz’s video installation work, Dewberry applies techniques from The Kiss (1984), to extend, loop, and deconstruct perception of time through manipulation of existing films. The installation invites participants to manually control a sequence of frames, changing the speed and direction of film clips chosen from a variety of sources



ARTIST: Claire Eder

Claire Eder creates a playful scene through painstakingly painting each individual frame, then animating her creations so that the brush strokes add masses of movement and form. Melding a beautifully delicate approach to hand-drawn animation with projection mapping, Eder’s new work for Illuminus reimagines the hollow industrial façade of the Power House as a site animated by an mesmerizing colony of imaginary creatures.


ARTISTS: Maria Finkelmeier ft. Jorge Arce & Ryan Edwards

Illuminus Cubed is a multi-sensory experience joining three diverse drummers, latin rhythms, huge boxes, steel sheets and projection art. Arranged by Maria Finkelmeier and featuring the amazing Jorge Arce and Ryan Edwards, the three use a playable stage as their musical playground, brought to life by projection artist SAMO. This piece is musically inspired by Afro-Cuban rhythms and forms. Additionally, Finkelmeier’s interest in free improvisation and fascination with discovering sounds of unassuming objects fed the creation of this project.



Frigid Phrases

ARTISTS: Kate Gilbert & Emily Lombardo

During  Illuminus Boston,  Frigid Phrases gave away FREE limited-edition stretchy gloves in hot neon colors, each with a unique word screen-printed on the outside. Festival goers could choose a combination of colors and words to create their own wearable Frigid Phrases. With 6 colors and 34 words, one left-hand and one right-hand, the combinations are endless! TINY/FAKE, ICY/BUD, DENSE/MIND



Part of Passing Through
Curated by Julia Primes Mata

g h o u l s is a Brooklyn based Miami grown music maker and DJ. Bringing himself to the north to work primarily out of his room g h o u l s has developed a sonic aesthetic that brings a type of Miami experience to dancefloors of the North East filtered through the sounds of trap music. His early DJ career in the Boston underground scene has grown and taken g h o u l s into venues such as The Good Life, Middle-Sex lounge, pa lounge, Tribeca Grand Hotel, and The Boiler Room.



Artist: Sam Okerstrom- Lang

"Glitche" derives from the idea of a glitch, error, and unexpected malfunction in a system. The common challenge of encountering an error in life is something to learn from, it applies an individuals previous "data" to mosh with the new error "data" of life. This piece is a bridge to the metaphor of your body and mind suddenly encountering a malfunction or problem in it's own existence. The outcome of the two separate data systems is what fuels the immersive installation, it may be a positive new discovery or a disastrous end of life. This interaction is delicate, mysterious, exciting and drives the linear journey of "Glitche”.


En Garde

ARTIST: Tristan Govignon

En Garde' presents a metaphoric conceptual narrative with a fencer playing the role of the artist. The fencer performs beautifully and exemplifies passion and strength. His adversaries are negative doppelgangers representing fear and imagined foes. The fencer is almost vanquished as his demons multiply and he almost drowns under water until his determination allows him to rise and successfully be free of his adversaries.


Fabric Play

ARTIST: Wenting Guo & Yun Fu

Fabric Play is an interactive installation figuring on building an artificial communication between virtual and physical users. The web interface is projected onto the ground as an ambient environment that is responsive  to the positions of physical participants with various light and sound effects.  


Light Forest

ARTIST: Wenting Guo, Ziyi Zhang & Juhun Lee

Light Forest is an interactive art installation project that challenges conventional notions of spatial perception and encourages physical social interaction. A field comprised of individual ribbons is connected to a network of motors, which are triggered by a Kinect detecting people’s physical locations. Each ribbon is spinning with a slightly different speed when no one interferes with the installation, creating a series of waves floating in space.



Dance Machine

ARTIST: Jim Kalambokis

Jim Kalambokis creates a playful collection of dancing robots, captured on film, and projected a larger-than-life. For Illuminus, the projected scenes will take on an immersive, monumental scale—towering over festivalgoers and taking over the space on their own terms.



Mal Devisa

Part of Passing Through
Curated by Julia Primes Mata

With driving bass melodies, hypnotizing harmonies, and a variety of genres Mal Devisa conjures up a live show one would have to see in order to truly hear. Emerging out of the West Mass and Metro Boston underground music scenes Mal Devisa has developed a sonic and performative aesthetic that floods the spaces and audiences with feeling. After graduating from Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School in May 2014, Mal Devisa went on a fan-funded West Coast tour consisting of over 50 shows from Northampton, MA to New Orleans LA.

Miraculous City

ARTIST: Dan Pecci, Elizabeth Schumann, Matthew Shanley & Karen Stein

Miraculous City was a live piano concert performed in the SoWa Power Station of the historic South End. Two videos reflected one another in conjunction with the debut performance—the keyboard and the pianist’s hands will be projected onto one wall, and on the other will be a video montage echoing the narrative in the music. This son et lumière (sound & light) experience will celebrate a new era of the arts in the City of Boston.



ARTIST: Kenji Nakayama

This piece was  an extension of Nakayama’s previous series of work Etudes, which were abstract and entirely focused on line, color, and texture and  created through improvisational process. For  Illumines Boston,  a template in the shape of the building where the artwork was going to be projected, was provided, and Nakayama was able to work within the shape and proportion of the building face which helped him to picture how the artwork would look on the building as a projection. The process was simple- he laid down the first brush stroke, then came up with next move, then the next move and continued until the work was finished. The artwork was done with 145 brush strokes in total.



ARTISTS: Caleb Neelon

I work with my hands and get no pleasure from working with computers, but I get great pleasure from the things that can be brought into existence when I collaborate with people who do.  When I was asked to participate in this projection mapping exhibition, I had to look up what the term meant.  I have no idea how this is going to look.  I am the most curious person in the audience. As a thirteen-year-old in February of 1990, Caleb Neelon visited family friends in small-town Germany with his mother and took a side trip to Berlin. For Neelon, the sight of the newly opened Berlin Wall, covered in graffiti and murals was a revelation. By the mid 1990s, Neelon was immersed in the global graffiti scene under the name SONIK. He traveled constantly and developed a vivid, homespun, and raw style of mixed media painting. He freely crossed boundaries between graffiti, murals, and what would soon be referred to as street art. At the same time, he wrote in-depth articles for graffiti fanzines. As years passed, these publications evolved into art and popular culture magazines, trade books, and feature films.



Part of Passing Through
Curated by Julia Primes Mata

RECOLUMBIAN is a Philadelphia based genderqueer DJ, musician, and media activist. She has been transforming dance floors from Brooklyn to Mexico City, sharing the stage with Big Freedia, Kid Sister, Niña Dioz, Mykki Blanco, and Zuzuka Poderosa. She is one half of popular Philly queer dance party Cutn Paste and resident DJ of Brooklyn's underground global music party, Azucar. Most recently, Precolumbian was honored with the 2013 Leeway Transformation Award for her innovative work... in the club.


The Provision of a Decent, Pleasant and Humane Environment: Remarks on theUn-remarkable Public Spaces of Kendall Square

ARTIST: Stephanie Rabins

The Provision of a Decent, Pleasant and Humane Environment: remarks on the un-remarkable public spaces of Kendall Square is a video about the unquestionably political yet comically impractical design and location of many of Kendall Square's public spaces. Of course, Kendall Square and Cambridge are not alone in this state of affairs–cities often end up stashing al fresco spaces in undesirable, even un-findable places. As the post-industrial landscapes around South Boston transform into one of the next desirable locations for tech and "innovation" economies, it is worth considering the future of its public spaces. Will Boston’s Innovation District mimic the unconsidered, often sterile public realm of Kendall Square, or will “America’s Walking City” live up to its appellation?

Growing Objects

ARTISTS: Jessica Rosenkrantz & Jesse Louis- Rosenberg

 “Growing Objects” is a series of kinetic sculptures that illustrate natural growth processes. Inspired by 19th century zoetropes, these interactive sculptures consist of 3D printed objects that when spun and illuminated animate the development of complex forms; when still, they allow the viewer to examine each step of the growth process. Our zoetropes reimagine one of the earliest ancestors of modern day cinema and animation, the 19th century optical toys: the phenokistoscope, zoetrope and praxinoscope. We’re fascinated by these devices because they are fundamentally interactive and participatory, enabling the viewer to deconstruct the animation process




ARTIST: Mark Stock

WAVE is an experimental video generated with custom fluid dynamic simulation software and methods. It is composed of three segments (blue, green, red), each with three phases (generation, freedom, enclosure). The rigid boundaries imposed by the frame and the rectangles contrast with the formless behavior of the flow itself. The colors evoke imagery of the ocean, earth, and fire, but the motion will be general, and represent neither.

Sculpted Guardian Illumined

Artist: In Divine Company

Through interactive movement, sound and projection, we deconstruct iconic sculptures - Michelangelo's David, Rodin's Kiss and the Venus de Milo - and ask: Who are our guardians? How do we bring forth our othered identities? How can we practice radical love? What does all this mean for our communities NOW - globally and in Boston?

It Is Already Happening

Artist: Lotte Van den Audenaeran

Lotte Van den Audenaeren graduated from the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Master of Fine Arts, and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK in Ghent, Master of Fine Arts. She received the Award Legacy Franciscus Pycke and became Coming People laureate at S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent.
In 2012, Van den Audenaeren joined the ISCP residency program in New York City. Recently she worked on projects in Vancouver, San Diego, Mexico City & Brussels. Lotte Van den Audenaeren lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


Artists:  Amber Vistein & Amanda Justice

Murmur is a dynamic and immersive audio-visual experience for amplified stereo sound and two projectors. Installed in an enclosed space it creates a dynamic alien architecture that confronts the mediation of our experiences – communication, place, even nature— by technology.

L'aetoli No. 2925

Artist: Amanda WIld

The projection of Laetoli No. 2925 at Illuminus relies on the classic and enduring magic of the illuminated motion picture. It opens a window onto a beach in New England, along with a soundtrack of far-off weather and places. In this “peoplescape” and photograph in motion, the longer one looks, the more there is to discover. The title of the series, Laetoli, is named after the famous “Laetoli Footprints” - a trail of 70 or so footsteps left by pre-human hominids 3.6 million years ago in Tanzania, preserved by chance. The works in this series select and frame documentary sequences from the visible world, showing the activity of people with their environment, materials, and with each other. They are presented in a cinematic space where the viewer can linger without shame or fear or distraction as is often the case in the midst of lived experience. The images are for “looking around” and are offered as a slow yet full image. They offer a circumscribed world, one that is familiar, mysterious, and just out of reach.

27 Cubist Portraits

Artist:  Thomas Wojciechowski

Twenty-Seven Cubist Portraits is an ongoing project begun several years ago. Each portrait is a composite of a dozen or so photographs––parts of the face in extreme closeup––which have been merged in Photoshop. Like Cubist paintings, multiple views of a face are presented simultaneously, creating a distorted visage alternately disturbing or funny or beautiful. Because our brains are hard-wired to see faces in the normal configuration, a peculiar tension is inescapable, offering viewers a vehicle for the exploration and contemplation of their own emotional response.

Each subject is merged numerous times using the same set of closeups, yet the resulting portraits vary in unpredictable and surprising ways. These have become movies. The videos present the portraits in sequence, evoking a proto-narrative. The multiplication of faces in a space, morphing at different speeds and competing for attention, seeks to engender a lived cubist experience.

Building Buildings

Artist: Andy Zimmerman

Building Buildings is a video projected, with sound, into a triangular space between two buildings on Harrison Ave. The video is mostly hidden to a viewer standing in the middle of the parking lot but the light flashing on the side of the building and the amplified sound of welding draws the viewer to come toward the space, where the full scene becomes visible. A welder continuously works at this space between two buildings, powerfully constructing an image in the gap.