Heather Kapplow & Liz Nofziger

‘Ovation’ is an interactive sounds installation by artists Heather Kapplow and Liz Nofziger, staged at ILLUMINUS with the help of Ian King.

Using warm light and audio recorded at live concerts by the band Yo La Tengo a few short days before ILLUMINUS, "Ovation" offers everyone the opportunity to feel the swell of enthusiasm that performers like musicians or actors experience when they receive enough cheering and applause to justify an encore or standing ovation.

Though many of us have given this kind of support to musicians or actors (or perhaps to athletes at Fenway Park) most of us never have this experience ourselves, so "Ovation" transfers it back just this once.

The effect of walking into the piece is that of being a wash in a giant wave of love. it wasn't love originally intended for you, but Kapplow or Nofziger have managed to capture it and are giving it you as a gift. Please bathe yourself in it for as long as you would like, and then allow someone else to have the same experience.


Liz Nofziger and Heather Kapplow are both conceptual artists who work in a variety of mediums. Nofziger has an MFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Mass College of Art and has extensive experience making site-specific public installation art. Kapplow is a writer, artist and media producer who creates “engagement experiences” that elicit unexpected intimacies using performance, writing, audio and video. They have collaborated on occasional projects for 10 years. 


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