Magda Fernandez


"Just a Feeling" (2015) is a short, single-channel video of a woman walking down an urban street at night, constantly looking over her shoulder. Shot on Ipswich Street after the Lansdowne bars closed for the night, it reflects the unease that many women feel when they're heading home after a late night at a club, bar, or party.



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Magda Fernandez is a Cuban-born, Boston-based video artist, who has made video art for the past 8 years. Blurring theater and performance, Fernandez makes silent, diaristic videos that revolve around the duality of themes such as power/helplessness, fantasy/reality, memory/history.




just a feeling is a single-channel video displaying a woman walking alone down a street at night.  … shot on Ipswich Street in Boston after the Lansdowne bars closed for the night. Her quick pace implies unease as she consistently peers over her shoulder. The video presents an open-ended, multi-layered silent narrative that forces the viewer to complete the story.  It draws upon modern day anxieties of privacy and safety, technology and women’s issues.  We are reminded of technologies’ intrusive presence. In a moment authorized surveillance promotes security as unauthorized surveillance becomes a theft of privacy.