Healing Pool


Healing Pool uses custom algorithms to create a glowing pool of organic patterns on the floor. When visitors step across the pool, lay on top of it, or simply touch it, the patterns tear apart and rebuild themselves, but never exactly as before. The project serves as a type of memorial, a constantly evolving record of change that honors the minuscule ways in which the slightest interactions—no matter how small or unintentional—have some impact. It feels as if the pattern is healing a wound, holding a memory of each interaction. Healing Pool premiered at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.


A Boston-native Brian Knep is a media artist whose works range from large-scale interactive installations to microscopic sculptures for nematodes. He was the first artist-in-residence at Harvard Medical School, working side-by-side with scientists, using their tools and techniques to explore alternative meanings and ways of connecting to the world. “Deep Wounds,” commissioned by the Office for the Arts at Harvard University, has won awards from Ars Electronica, the International Association of Art Critics, and Americans for the Arts, who selected it as one of the best public-art projects of 2007. His work has been shown at the Denver Art Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the RISD Museum, the Aldrich Center for Contemporary Art, and others; and he has received grants and awards from Creative Capital, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the LEF Foundation, among others. 

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