Cave Exits

Peter Burr

An ambitious new project, ‘Cave Exits"‘ is a multimedia narrative set inside a 4-channel video cube. Recalling the way we interact with online media – clicking, zooming, scrolling – it turns the visual archetype of the labyrinth into a circuit board for lost, anxious feelings. Viewers will be unable to process all incoming information in a single sitting, forcing them to pick screens either to sate their curiosity or learn more about the shifting structure.


A current NYFA fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts, Peter Burr specializes in animation and performance. His site-specific projects have been presented in more than 25 countries over the past ten years in venues including Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), Reina Sofia National Museum (Madrid), and MOMA/PS1 (New York).

Porpentine is a writer, curator, and game designer, perhaps best known for popularizing the accessible game design software called Twine. Her games have won the XYZZY and Indiecade awards, and her work has been commissioned by the New Inquiry and the Yearbook Project, and displayed at EMP Museum and The Museum of the Moving Image

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