Boston Beats: Poetry in Motion


‘Boston Beats: Poetry in Motion’ will take you on a literal literary performance ride impressed upon displaying the innovation that beat generation poetry is responsible for today.  Whether by hand drums, harmonies or heady questions challenging the status quo, much of poetry today is just as trans-formative.  From the page to the stage; come join Boston's literary and spoken word poetry community in celebration! Watch us paint poems onto your hearts underneath an explosion of music, dance and words that may or may not be left unspoken.


DiDi Delgado is a freelance journalist, spoken word artist and poet whose work has appeared most recently in Oddball Magazine, Queen Grace and Fat Girls on a Mission.  DiDi is very passionate about her community both locally and globally  participating in Michael Rothenberg's 100,000 Poets for Change and performing for Boston City Councilor At Large Ayanna Pressley's Jump Into Peace initiative.

DiDi is the blog owner of "Unfortunately,  I'm Just a Girl" the musings of a woman constantly in the midst of a quarter life crisis and "For Love and Labels" which showcases excerpts her upcoming novel of the same name.

DiDi is the Director of Operations at The Society Of Urban Poetry, current resident of Watertown, MA and occasional provider of pretty cool poems.

You can visit her at

The Society Of Urban Poets

The Society Of Urban Poets is a collective of both literary and spoken word poets who seek to unite all poets and artists alike across the Boston area.  We believe that doing so will strengthen the arts in our communities.  S.O.U.P recognizes the diversity among creative individuals and groups across gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, faith, ability and age.  We simply believe that doing what we love will transform others in the way that we've been by doing awesome poetry with even more awesome people and to shed light on poetry and spoken word as integral pieces of the Boston Creative Arts Community.


Madge of Honor

Madge of Honor is a performance artist whose practice spans burlesque, drag, clowning, improv, character acting, physical theater, movement, video, and durational work. They have performed across the US and UK. Their work aims to confront social conventions, constructions, and our collective fantasies/pathologies. Madge's photo project "Space Saver Series" was featured in The Boston Globe in March 2015 during the worst winter on record.

Edward D. Ruff

Edward D. Ruff is the co-host of the "If you can Feel It, you can Speak It" Open Mic, held every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Bella Luna/Milky Way in Jamaica Plain. He has been writing for over 15 years, performing for over 10 years and is a member of Writers' Block (with Matt Ganem, Gia Flores and Kimo Hill). Over the past decade, he has featured at venues such as The Middle East, Slades Bar & Grille, The Haley House, Darryl's Corner, The Strand Theater and The Apollo Theater.

Tim Hall

Tim Hall is a Detroit native with a passion for performing. He's an educator by day and artist by every other means who uses music and poetry as an avenue to share his perspective through imagery with anyone who will experience it. He writes to advocate for the beauty in humanity and urgency to make positive change in world we all share. Tim Hall is a soul, with a purpose.



Neiel Israel is an internationally acclaimed poet, vocalist, performer and arts educator. Emerging from the Boston spoken-word scene, she quickly distinguished herself as a powerful and lyrical poetic voice. With her captivating voice she became a member of the Lizard Lounge National Poetry Slam Team 2011-2015; as well as the Lizard Lounge Representative for 2011 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Neiel has a B.A. in English, and graduated with honors, from University of Massachusetts Boston.


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