Festival Dates: November 2nd & 3rd 2018, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Downtown Boston

Funding Available: $1,000—$5,000

Submissions Due: 11:59 pm EST July 23rd, 2018

Submission Form:


For a PDF version of the open call CLICK HERE

ILLUMINUS is a free nighttime festival where Boston’s artists, designers, performers, and creative technologists converge to showcase their most thoughtful, innovative, and imaginative works. In the past ILLUMINUS has taken place in the SoWa district of Boston and on Lansdowne Street and Downtown Boston. In 2018 ILLUMINUS will return to the Downtown area in partnership with LuminArtz and the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) to present the festival throughout this Downtown neighborhood. The festival will spread through the neighborhood streets, taking over plazas, alleys, and building facades, creating a captivating network of installations for people to explore and enjoy.

For 2018, ILLUMINUS is seeking innovative projects that cross disciplinary boundaries and engage a diverse public audience. We want installations that change how people see and experience the landscape downtown and leave them with a sense of awe and beauty. Individuals and creative teams are invited to submit new or existing works for consideration. 

You may propose more than one piece and submissions may include scalable versions of the work. We accept submissions for projects in any medium but give special consideration to projects that fall in the following categories:

  • Light, Sound or Projection Installations
  • Audio/Visual Performances
  • Interactive or Participatory Projects
  • Experiential Art Installations

Project selection will be made on the following criteria:

  • Creative Vision / Artistic Merit
  • Innovation in Content, Technology or Process
  • Engaging Audiences and Overall Experience
  • Feasibility in Execution
  • Budget

A curatorial team consisting of local curators, executive director, operations director, creative director and technical director will review and select projects based on the above criteria.

Projects will be offered stipends up to $5,000 per project.

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) is a non-profit organization that was created by property owners and local stakeholders committed to achieving the district's full potential as a premier and vibrant destination.

The BID's mission is to significantly improve the experience of all who live, work, visit, go to school or shop in the Downtown Boston BID by:

  • Providing supplemental services to keep the streets and sidewalks clean, upgrade the aesthetic appearance of the  district, and make people feel welcomed and safe
  • Promoting and fostering an energetic and thriving business climate in the area
  • Serving as the voice and advocate for the district.

ILLUMINUS is part of the BID’s efforts to urge the Downtown Boston community to create a dynamic public realm where people pause and appreciate the history and beauty of the district.

Project locations are not finalized until the works are selected - all projects will be curated with an eye towards possible locations within the bid including alleys, plazas, and streets. Due to the layout and ownership of buildings in the BID, we can not guarantee a specific location in advance, but will work with the selected artists to find a location that best suites the vision and technical needs of the piece. All submitted pieces must be able to be executed without attaching to buildings.

Below is a highlighted map of the intended festival site:

2018 Illuminus Site Map Updated.jpg


All projects will fall within the boundaries of the BID and a preference will be given to locations on Summer Street and on Washington Street between Winter and School Street.

Please make an account at The application will be completed and submitted within Slideroom. The outline of submission questions and requirements is below:

Project Title

Contact Person



Project/Technical Description
Describe in detail the proposed work (1—3 paragraphs) and provide technical specifications for its installation. Be sure to include measurements of the project, electrical needs, and how/if the audience is able to interact with the work. PLEASE REMEMBER this is an outdoor festival - your work must be able to withstand moderate wind, moisture and humidity. Projects may not be dependent on physical connections to buildings.

Installation Questions

  • Approximately how much space does your project require?
  • What are the power needs of your project?
  • Does your project include amplified sound?
  • Is your project interactive? If so, in what way?

Project Images
Include 1—4 images and/or videos of the proposed artwork. These can be images of existing work, prototypes or sketches/renderings of the proposed work.

Project Team/Individual Description
Who is working on this project? What are their skills and relevant experience? Links to artist websites or previous work should be included in this section.

Please submit an itemized budget for your project. This budget should include ALL equipment required to build, install and deinstall your work. The festival will not be able to provide any equipment, materials or tools to the artists.