Reyanliz Herrera "Ideas, Not Theories and it's Bicycle Orchestra"
5:40pm Walgreens Plaza (near project 11)
6:10pm CVS Plaza 55 Summer Street (near project 1)
7:10pm Milk & Washington Street
7:40pm Flash Mob at the Steps on Washington (near project 6)
8:35pm Walgreens Plaza (near project 11)
9:30pm Steps on Washington (near project 6)
9:50pm Macys at DTX
10:35pm Spring Lane (near project 14)

Peter DiMuro "Public Displays of Motion"
5:40pm Walgreens Plaza (near project 11)
6:20pm Walgreens Plaza to Spring Lane (near project 14)
6:33pm Washing Street roving to Summer Street
6:46pm + 8:30pm Washington and Summer street roaming to CVS Plaza (near project 1)
7:03pm + 8:00pm + 8:50pm Summer street roving to Steps on Washington
7:18pm + 8:16pm + 9:02pm Steps on Washington Street

Disco Dogs
6:00pm Steps on Washington Street
7:00pm Walgreens Plaza
8:00pm Summer Street near Macys
9:00pm Milk Street & Washington Street
10:00pm CVS Plaza (near project 1)





Here is a map of all parking garages near ILLUMINUS this year. 

Public Transportation