Digital Graffiti

Tercieux Matthieu

Digital graffiti is a device born of the collaboration between a programmer, Matthieu Tercieux and the street-artist Cart1. By means of hijacked tools coming from the universe of video games like the kinect or the wiimote, the artist Cart1 can then realize graffiti in videoprojection by rediscovering sensations and effects similar to the bombs of spray.- Performances: 3 sessions per day from 30 min to 21h00, 22h and 23h. - The device is then made available to the public between each performance.


Tercieux Matthieu
Matthieu is a French artist who explores interactive scenography on the transversality of scenes. For more than ten years he has collaborated on numerous projects of theater, dance, live bands and interactive installation. 
He has participated in numerous prestigious festivals in France and in the world. Lyon light festival, White Night of Paris, Eurockéenes, Exodos (slovénia), Killart (Columbia), Lumina (Portugal) , Baiymba (Ouganda).

Shifted, loving black and white, dreamlike characters, the isolated, also graphic designer, Cart'1 is a complete artist and traveler. 

"From as far as I can remember, I've always loved 3D and trompe l'oeil," explains Lyon. Graffeur since 1989, his art led him to work mainly black and white, through characters and elements small enough, isolated, who find themselves integrated in the place in which he paints his graff "Like living things and being part of reality. "He cites among his fundamental influences, the author of novels and short stories Philip K. Dick," I like his thought because it questions our perceptions and this is what motivates my work: disrupting the real ". 

After his studies of applied arts, he later became a collaborator of several communication agencies. Then in 2007 Slovakia offered him a new playground, he became sponsor and guarantor to the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia Street

Art Communication festival "in Kosice, the European Capital of Culture in 2013, which will host the big names of Street-art worldwide for 6 years. But it is to the House of Chaos that since 2005 he occupies most of his time, where he is "resident artist". Following a site visit, a New York Times reporter will define this alternative creative space as: "One of the strongest artistic adventures of the 21st century". In this space of collective creations near Lyon, he alternates, realizations of paintings and designs of events, but also the creation of technological graffiti devices or "graffiti 2.0". Continuing his collaboration with the Abode of Chaos, he now shares his time between Lyon and Barranquilla in Colombia where he lived for 2 years and where in 2015 he created the street art festival "Killart"