Fish McGill
Nathan Thomas Wilson
Saul Baizman


ANYTHING IS POPSICLE is an installation of screens housed within popsicle shapes. Each popsicle screen features a different animated robot, animal, or character dancing within the frozen treat when a viewer approaches. The popsicles will cycle through a range of illustrated silly characters dancing and shivering inside the sweet cool shapes.

Viewers will see different scenes depending on the time of day and their proximity to the piece. The piece will look different depending on when you visit and how close you get to your preferred popsicle. This modular piece has the potential to be installed in a variety of different areas and can scale to fit the space if selected.

ANYTHING IS POPSICLE is a wordplay on the phrase ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. In this piece silliness and fun is the aim of the dynamic project that visually responds to the viewers who engage.