Antipode Tunnel

Vanessa Hafenbrädl & Ellen Oliver

‘Antipode Tunnel’ is a collaboration between two artists across continents. Vanessa Hafenbrädl is a visual artist specializing in projection and video from Germany, and dancer/choreographer Ellen Oliver, a Boston local. The haunting shadow of the dancer is intended to mimic hybrid creatures that embody the hopes and fears of human beings as it relates to a timeless feeling of escapism. The intention of this piece is to provide viewers with an experience that can expand their habitual views of the world.

Vanessa Hafendrädl is a video artist and video technician from Munich, Germany. Her projects test the limits of what can be done when working with video and animation, light and music. With her large video works in public spaces, she reaches multi-layered audiences, and by utilizing maximum aesthetics she expands upon audience perspectives. Her video mappings are performed worldwide, from New Zealand to Iceland.

Ellen Oliver is a dance artist and choreographer from Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Ellen works to combine her interests in movement, film, and painting through her choreography and performance. Ellen actively presents her performance works in venues and festivals in New England and New York, and one of her current projects includes a long-distance collaboration titled “Pants Becoming Kites” with Dayita Nereyeth for performances in India and New England. She is a 2016/17 Young Artist in Residence at Bearnstow, Maine, and a 2017/2018 Jump! Dance Company Artist in Residence in Providence, RI. Her dance short films "In The Thick of the Middle" and "Dear Brother" were screened at international film festivals and featured in an interview for the 2018 issue of WomenCinemakers biennale online magazine. Ellen is a member of Lorraine Chapman the Company, and she has recently danced for Fusionworks Dance Company and Ali Kenner Brodsky & Co. She currently shares her love of dance through teaching, collaborating, and dance administration. She is co-founder of ProviDANCE Project and 3 Spice Dance. Ellen studied dance at Hampshire College, UNC School of the Arts, and Universidad de las Artes in Havana.