ILLUMINUS is a contemporary arts festival that features original installations, video projections and performances by artists who work in the medium of light and sound to create immersive experiences that turn city streets into an installation gallery. This festival is created by and for the Boston community.

Our mission is to support a network of artists, designers and creative technologists who collaborate to develop new and innovative works. ILLUMINUS gives artists the platform to enter into conversation with the city and current culture. ILLUMINUS takes place in the public realm and bridges cultures and communities by engaging artists who create through many different lenses.




ILLUMINUS has continued to partner with LuminArtz, a nonprofit agency that works with a number of Boston-based artists, designers and creative technologists, both established and emerging, to create public art installations that contribute to place-making and establish new opportunities for art in the public realm.

To learn more about LuminArtz, please visit https://www.luminartz.org/